What is the LINQ? Part #1

What is the LINQ?

LINQ is the “Language integrated Query language”. It contains a set of new language features of C# and Vb.net. We can write the structure queries in our own languages (i.e. Vb.net or C#).

Simple example of a LINQ query:

var words = new List<string> {“Orange”, “apple”, “Mango”};

var results = from w in words

where w.Contains(“O”)

select w;


  1. We can write the complex sql query in a simple manner.
  2. It makes easier to transform data into objects.
  3. A common syntax for all data. Once you learn query syntax, you can use it with any LINQ provider
  4. Provider integration. Pulling together data sources is very easy.
  5. Built-in security. It forced to use of parameters, helping to reduce SQL injection attacks. LINQ to SQL already parameterizes input, which is just as secure.
  6. It supports Object/Relational Mapper (O/RM) which automatically generates entity classes based on the database schema, so it helps speed up development of n-layer architecture applications
  7. It will be useful in Silverlight Technology since Silverlight does not support ado.net features.
  8. It makes easier to develop applications by providing IntelliSense, compile-time syntax checking, and debugging support.

Note: Before reading LINQ we should have to learn the New Features of C# 3.0


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