what are the Advantages of asp.net MVC ?

One of the general questions to be asked in interview, why should i use asp.net mvc instead of asp.net.

Then here is the answer for this question.

Advantage of Asp.net MVC

  1. It enables clean Separations of concerns using Model, view and Controller
  2. It enables full control over the rendered HTML
  3. It enables Test Driven Development (TDD).
  4. Easy integration with JavaScript Framework.
  5. SEO and Rest Friendly URL.
  6. No Viewstate and Postback event.
  7. Follows the stateless nature of web.
  8. Extensible and pluggable framework
  9. Support third party view engine like Nvelocity, Brail, NHaml etc.
  10. Page size is very less as compare to Asp.net
  11. No page lifecycle like web form.
  12. It has been built on top of asp.net framework hence most of the features of asp.net like Membership providers, role etc can still be used in asp.net MVC application.


Disadvantages of Asp.net MVC

  1. Learning curve will be more as compare to asp.net
  2. It does not support rapid application development. So it will take more time to develop the application as compare to asp.net.
  3. Development cost will be more.
  4. If you will write more sensitive data in UI layer using java script there might be security problem.


Advantages of asp.net

  1. Provide rapid application development (RAD)
  2. Provide rich control like Gridview, Datalist, Repeater controls etc.
  3. Learning curve will be very less.
  4. Familiar model for window form developers.

I hope it will help to somebody.


2 thoughts on “what are the Advantages of asp.net MVC ?

  1. Krishna May 6, 2014 / 9:49 am

    Very Nice Chandradev

    • Chandra Dev May 6, 2014 / 11:49 am

      Thank you so much for your appreciation.

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