Useful shortcut key in Sql Server

There are so many handy short key available in sqlserver. Which will improve the productivity of developer. I have made note on few of them. I hope this will help to other developer too.

1. Open a new query window
Click on >> CTRL +N

2. Toggle between the opened tabs
Click on >> CTRL+TAB

3. Show/Hide result panel
If you have to hide the result window then click on >> CTRL + R

4. Execute highlighted query
There are two option to execute the query that is using
a. F5
b. CTRL + E

5. Cancel the query execution
Click on >> ALT+ BREAK

6. Make the selected Text with Uppercase
Click on >> CTRL + SHIFT + U

7. Make the selected Text with Lowercase
Click on >> CTRL + SHIFT + L

8. Display the estimated execution plan
>> Select the query then click on CTRL + L

9. Intelligence list member and complete word

10. Go to Line no.
>> CTRL + G

11. To Comment the code
>> Ctrl + K & Ctrl + C;

12. To uncomment the code
>> Ctrl + K & Ctrl + U

13. Showing the table definition
>> Select the table name then click ALT + F1

14. Bookmark in Code


We show that some of the handy shortcut key of Sqlserver. If You know more than this, please let me know by your comment.