Code Coverage Tool (Part 2)


Before reading this post, please go through my previous article what is the code coverage tool

In this post we will see one of famous tool i.e. DotCover Code Coverage

It is the JetBrains Code coverage tools.It is paid version tool. It has the following features
1. Continuous unit testing
2. Code highlighter
3. Hot spot feature for breaking code.
4. Save code coverage report in HTML,XML and Json format

For download the trail version of this tool, you ca download from this URL

Before using this tool you have to also download and install re-sharper Tool.

If you have installed the tool successfully then you will get the resharper Menu in Visual Studio and from there you can select the Cover unit test case. You can also right click solution explorer and select the Cover Unit Tests and click on it like given below image

It will show the result like this

In the above image, it is showing which method has how much the code coverage.

It has the different type of save report options like HTML,Json and XML format

Example of HTML format Report

Example of JSON format Report

Example of XML format Report

Example of Json format Report

using the above report we can easily find out the uncovered test case in our application.


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