Why is OpenSubKey() returning null on my 64-bit system?

Today i was debugging the code, it was written like this

 string _retValue = "";
            Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey _rKey;
            Object _rKeyObject;
            string REG_KEY_PATH_PROFILE = "SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\Mycompany\\e-business\\Platform\\profile\\";
                _rKey = Microsoft.Win32.Registry.LocalMachine;
                _rKeyObject = _rKey.OpenSubKey(REG_KEY_PATH_PROFILE).GetValue(keyName);
                _retValue = Convert.ToString(_rKeyObject);
                return _retValue;

It was returning null value every time, then i came to know i am building the application on 64 bit, To make the work around we can change project setup like this given below


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