How to get Soap HTTP Request and Response message without debugging the code ?

Today while working on the bug fixing in my application. There was the requirement to give Soap HTTP Request and Response message one wcf service to other team with in quick time interval. That wcf was external service. So we could not step in for further debugging process.

For this task i took the help of “Telerik Fiddler” tool for getting HTTP Request and Response message.

In this demo, i will take simple WCF service and show you how to track request and response without doing debugging process.

Step 1: Install the “Telerik Fiddler” tool.

Step 2: Run the Telerik Fiddler tool.

Step 3: Run the application on localhost.

WCF Debugging
WCF Debugging

Step 4: See the tracing in fiddler like this

Telerik Fiddler
Telerik Fiddler


This is handy tool for the developer to quickly get the http request and response message from service without debugging the complete source code.


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