AWS Cognito Service in Core 3.1 Application

AWS Cognito Service is the user management and authentication product of Amazon Cloud. It provides the plug able login functionality for any type of application. It also provides the users to sign in through external federated identity providers like Facebook, google, Login with Amazon, Sign with apple etc.

Advantages of this services.
1. We don’t have to write code for user management functionalities.
2. Free for the first 50,000 monthly active users.
3. It will provide centralize authentication.

What are the steps to create this services

1. Create a User Pool on Amazon web site

2. Create an App Client

3. Go to the domain and give some domain name

4. Go to the App Clients in general Setting and Create it like this.
You will get the Client Id and App client secret which one is required in code configuration.

5. Go to the app client setting and configure for localhost demo testing like this

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