Cascading Values & Cascading Parameters in core Blazor

Today i was working on one blazor POC project, there i got a requirement to pass some value to all the child components which one i was using on the parent component.

Then i found one of the best approach to pass in all the child component using Cascading Values & Cascading Parameters

Let see this concept one small example.

Step 1: Create the parent component like this

@page "/home"

<CascadingValue Value="@FirstFruit" IsFixed="true" Name="FirstFruit">

@code {
    string FirstFruit { get; set; } = "Apple";

In the above code, i m passing FirstFruit property to all the child component, There could be multiple child component. For simplicity i have taken only one.

IsFixed=”true” means Blazor will not monitor it for changes. It is good practice to improve the performance when there will be multiple child component.

Step 2: Create the Fruit Component like this.

<h5>Demo for Cascading Value and Cascading Parameter</h5><br />

<p>The fruit Name is: @Name </p>

@code {
    [CascadingParameter(Name = "FirstFruit")] 
    string Name { get; set; }

In the above code CascadingParameter means which field will receive the Cascading Value.
(Name = “FirstFruit”): Means which field we are going to bind from parent component.


In this sample we saw that how pass the value from parent component to multiple child component with a very minimal coding.


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