Azure AD authentication on Blazor Server

Recently I have used Azure AD(Active Directive) authentication on my Blazor project, So I am writing small post on this topic.

As you know Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service. It is very simple and easy to integrate in Blazor Application.

Step1: Create the Blazor server application like this

Step2: Select the Authentication Type as “Microsoft Identity Platform”

Step 3: Now go to Azure portal and click on Active Directory

Step4: Click on Add and App registration link then you will see the page like this

Step 5: Click on Register and pick the client and tenant Id

Step 6: Go to Authentication then select the Id taken and Access Token and save it, like this image

Step 7: Go to appsettings.json file and file the required input like this

Note: you will get the Domain Name from here

Now run the application, It will work.


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