DataGrid Control in Blazor Radzen (Part 3)

DataGrid is one of the most used controls in web application. Radzen is giving us very powerful grid controls. Which has default support of Sorting, Filtering, paging and Virtualization

Before using this code, Please configure your project for Radzen Controls like this

@page "/grid"
@using RadzenTest.Shared
@inject HttpClient Http

<RadzenDataGrid Data="@forecasts"
        <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="WeatherForecast" Property="Date" Title="Date">
            <Template Context="forecasts">

         <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="WeatherForecast" Property="TemperatureC" Title="TemperatureC" />
        <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="WeatherForecast" Property="Summary" Title="Summary" />
        <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="WeatherForecast" Property="TemperatureF" Title="TemperatureF" />


@code {
    private WeatherForecast[]? forecasts;
    protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
        forecasts = await Http.GetFromJsonAsync<WeatherForecast[]>("WeatherForecast");

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