How to configure Visual Studio with Nunit Testing Framework

As we know that Nunit is testing framework which is widely used in .net community. It is open source and free to use. So in this post we will see how to configure the Nunit with Visual studio. Here i have used Visual Studio 2015.

There are the simple steps to configure the visual studio for Nunit Testing Framework.

Step 1: Open the visual studio –> Go to Tool Menu –> Extension and updates –>Select Nunit VS Templates and Nunit 3 Test Adapter

Step 2: Install the both plugin as shown below image

Step 3: Open the visual Studio and create new Test Unit Project like this

Step 4: Write some simple unit test case and click on Run All unit test as given below image.

Now no need to attach the dll into Nunit Software UI, we can run the unit test case in Visual studio Test Explorer as given above image.