I have completed nearly 30 Blazor Server/Webassembly projects. My maximum project was on product related assignment. So I cannot share all project details here due to NDA agreement with my clients.

I have worked as Blazor UI developer for few projects, I will share some of public facing Blazor website developed my me.

  1. SuretyBlock Website

Web Site: https://www.suretyblock.com/

2. Mortgage Calculator Website

WebSite URL: https://www.mortgage-calculator-online.com/

3. Quick learning Blazor Server demo project


4. DNA Portal

Web Site URL: https://dna.am/

5. Digital Twin

Web Site URL: http://digitwin.grow.am/

6. Portfolio project template using Blazor web assembly 7.0:


7. Coming Soon Project template in Blazor WebAssembly 7.0


8. Blazor MAUI Hybrid Application


9. Medicom App using Blazor Server and Synfussion Controls