Google authentication and authorization in Blazor webassembly

In my current blazor webassembly project I used the google authenticator. It is very simple to implement in Blazor web assembly. So i am making small blog post on this topic.

Step 1: Create the Blazor standalone project like this

This will create the all boilerplate code related with authentication and authorization.

microsoft.aspnetcore.components.webassembly.authentication package play the main role to communicate the authenticate users and obtain tokens to call protected APIs.

Step 2: Create a Google API Console project to obtain a client ID and client secret to configure the Google authentication in our application.

Follow the instruction as given below URL

and create the credentials like this

Step 3: Go to appsettings.json file and keep the required configuration like this

Step 4: Change the startup file like this
Step 5: Run the application
Click on Log in button. It will route to google login page

After authentication, It will come to our blazor application like this


We saw that with help of microsoft.aspnetcore.components.webassembly.authentication package. It is very simple to implement third party authentication in our blazor web assembly application.