All-In-One Search in Visual Studio 2022

One of the cool features added in Visual Studio 2022 – 17.5 in “All-in-one Search”. It is very handy feature for developers to search code in entire applications.

Enable All-In-One Search in Visual Studio:

Tools > Manage Preview Features > “New Visual Studio Search experience (restart required)”.

Now Presh CTL +T or Search button on top of Visual Studio


How to use Accelerate Builds features in Visual Studio 2022 ?

If you are using Visual studio 2022 with latest version i.e version 17.5.1. You will get benefit of super-fast build features.

I tested in my project. It is super-fast.

But you need to enable this feature in your application like this

Step 1: Go to the Project properties file and make AccelerateBuildsInVisualStudio to true


How to change port number in Blazor 6.0/7.0 ?

If we are working on core web api or Blazor application, so many time we will get requirement to change the port number. but on dotnet 6.0 and 7.0, they have changed the approach to change port number. Now we cannot do using right click and properties options.

For this we need to do

Step 1: Go to debug properties

Step 2: Select https >> Change in App URL

Now run the application

How to run any dotnet project from command terminal?

As we know that VS code is super-fast as compared to visual studio. Currently I am doing so much demo with Visual Studio Code. It is very light weight editor.

We can run any dotnet project using command terminal like

Step 1: Open the project on VS Code or command terminal

Step 2: Run the command >>dotnet build

Step 3: You have created Blazor WebAssembly project with Core Hosted from visual studio 2022. Then >> dotnet run command will not work. We need to give specific startup project name.

Type this command >> dotnet sln list

Step 4: Now select the specific project, which one you want to run

For more details about dotnet run, please visit this document